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How to Set a Screen Saver

How to Set a Screen Saver

Screen saver is a very important issue. We use different types of pictures on the computer screen. Again, many people use the color of their choice. However, using a screen saver allows us to maintain the performance of our computer. It is often seen that after using the computer for several days, the speed of the computer gradually decreases. This is because the processor of the computer is getting weaker day by day. You must turn on the screen saver to resolve this issue. Below is a discussion on how to turn skin saver on and off.

Rules for turning on the skin saver

To turn on the screen saver, you need to turn on the screen saver from the computer settings. First click on the Windows icon with the left mouse button and then click on Settings. After that the settings on the computer will open. From here I click on the Personalization option with the left mouse button. This page is on the left side of the Lock Screen. Click here and scroll a little to see the Screen Saver Setting. Click here. After clicking this setting you will see a popup window will appear. Windows icon > Setting > Personalization > Lock screen > Screen saver setting

turn on and off the screen saver

We need to save the screen saver from this popup windows. There are several options from which you have to select any one. If you want, you can see the preview after selecting any one. You can use your name on the screen as a skin saver if you want. Currently I am using Windows Ten which is why Windows Ten is written here. There are a total of six types of effects as a screen saver that you can use any one you want. However, Once we want to give any name to the place of writing Windows Ten. While you are in this popup window, if you make a click with the left mouse button on the Setting text, then another popup window will appear. This popup can give you any name from Windows which will be used as a screen saver in Windows later. You can also use the time specified in the computer as a screen saver. There are five more screen savers that you can look at if you want. Note, however, that you need to use one of the screen savers available.

Rules for turning off screen saver

It is usually best not to turn off the screen saver. But in the same way you must turn off the setting to turn it off. Such as:- Windows icon > Setting > Personalization > Lock screen > Screen saver setting

You have to select (None) from the popup option here, then the screen saver on the desktop will no longer exist.

The second step

Apart from the rule mentioned above, you can save screen saver through several other methods. Let's make a click with the right mouse button on the empty space of the desktop. Click Personalize at the bottom of the bar. In the same way, with the left button of the mouse click on the Lock Screen and Screen saver setting a little below. You can save the skin saver of your choice from the popup options here. There are several other ways you can save a screen saver. The main thing is that you must go to the computer settings to set the screen saver. Through which you can set the screen saver on the computer desktop.

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