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How to sort icons on desktop

How to sort icons on desktop

After opening the computer, we first see all the icon folder files on the desktop. We can sort the icons, folders, files on the desktop as we wish. We may not display these icons, files, folders, etc. on the desktop screen if we wish. Discussed below is how to arrange icons on the desktop.

Our computer has some icons when Windows is provided and its icon is on the desktop when we install software later. Also all that icons, files. There are folders, we can keep them as small and big as we need.

To make all the icons on the desktop small, medium, and large, you have to select any one by right-clicking on the desktop skin. For example: - View > Medium icons

desktop icon

There are a total of three options through which we can see the icons on the desktop in three ways. Usually all the icons in our computer are in medium condition. We can keep all icons small, large, and medium if we want.

We can arrange the icons, folders, files on the desktop skin as we wish by dragging them. You can move any file folder from one place to another by holding down the left mouse button to sort by dragging. If the View > Auto arrange icons option is turned on, any icons on the desktop cannot be dragged and placed elsewhere. If you want to sort the icons as you wish, you must turn off the View > Auto arrange icons option. If you don't want to see any type of icon on the desktop, you have to turn on View > Show desktop icons and if you want to see all the icons again, you have to turn on View > Show desktop icons in the same way.

There are several more icons on the desktop that need to be retrieved from the settings, such as: My Computer / This pc, Control Panel, Recycle Bin. If you do not have all these icons on the desktop skin, then you have to bring it from the settings. Right-click on the desktop skin and click Personalize. Let's select the theme from there. If you are using Windows Ten, it is on the right side of the bar Desktop icon settings. With a click of the left mouse button, you can see the icons on our desktop. From here, select the icons you want to see and then press the OK button to see the desired icons on the desktop.

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