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How to use of computer mouse

How to use of computer mouse

The mouse is a small input device. The name of the input device that combines two or three buttons to give instructions to the computer is mouse. There are different types of mice available in the market today. The user uses this small device according to his needs. Usually two buttons on the mouse is a scroll button through which we direct the computer in different ways at different times. The mouse has two buttons on the right and left. The left mouse button is called the Action Button. It is run by clicking on any file, folder, drive. Used to move any file, folder, application, etc. from one place to another. Suppose you have a file on the desktop that you want to remove. To do this you need to move the mouse pointer over the folder you want to move and move it anywhere by pressing the left mouse button. Much more can be done with the left mouse button. Files, especially folders, Used more to open the application. Usually files, folders, applications are selected with one click and double click is required to open.

If you click on a file, folder, application with the right button, how many options can be seen. Various options can be used to confuse this option. An interesting thing is that you can open any file, folder, application with two mouse buttons. You want to rename or delete a file, folder, or application. There are several ways to do this, such as with the right mouse button. You can do it again with the right mouse button for the one you want to delete.

There is a scroll button in the middle of the mouse. It can be used for ups and downs from top to bottom. Suppose you open a Microsoft file that has a lot of text in it. You want to see the text at the bottom. For this you have to turn the scroll button then you can see the ticks below.

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