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Keyboard introduction and its use

Keyboard introduction and its use

In order to use a computer, you need to know the keyboard identity and its usage clearly. Because if a user doesn't know about the keyboard, he can use the computer but can't work fast. Keyboards work differently in different programs. When we do something on the computer, we have to give input for it and we use the keyboard more to give input. There was a detailed discussion on how to input through the keyboard

The computer has different types of input devices, the most notable of which is the keyboard. We use the keyboard to provide most of the computer information and instructions. Almost everything for programming is done using the keyboard. There are different types of keyboards, but more than 104 keys are used. The key numbers on the previous keyboards were 99/100. However, there are currently 104 keyboard keys available.

In addition to writing with the keyboard, many other types of work are done. The keys on the computer keyboard are divided into six parts according to the type of work.


Function Key

The 12 (F1-F12) function keys on the top left of the keyboard are known as. However, there are 12 function keys, each of which is used in different programs. In particular, F1 is used as a help key.


Typing key

In computer we have different types of inputs through keyboard for which typing is required. And everyone should know about the typing keys for typing. Typing keys are A to Z and below the function keys 1 to 0, -, + these are called typing keys.


Tex key

These keys are located in the middle part of the keyboard. One of these keys is used for individual tasks. If you are using Microsoft Word and the Word file you have opened. There are many pages in it if you want to go from one page to another. . Then (Page Down) a click will go down a page. If you want to go to the top of a page (Page Up), a click will go to the top of a page. If you want to delete a file, folder, application, then select the file, folder, application, if it is selected, it can be deleted by clicking (Delete).


Cursor Movement Keys

The cursor movement keys are located at the bottom of the text key. These keys are located with which the cursor movement is done. If you work in Microsoft Word, you have a cursor when you type something that moves from one place to another after typing. Cursor movement keys are used to move this cursor. Here are four keys in total. With which the cursor is moved from the bottom to the bottom and from right to left. It is also used for many other purposes.


Numeric key

0 to 9 like a calculator on the right side of the keyboard and addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. keys are called numeric keys. There is a (Num Lock) key to control these keys which is used to control these keys. If you press the same, whatever is under it will no longer work. If you press this key again, it is possible to work all the sections again.


Special Key

Windows Key Windows Logo can be seen on Windows Enhanced Keyboards. Pressing this key will show the options in the Start menu. However, if you press the keyboard (Ctrl + Esc) on the keyboard that does not have the Windows logo, you can see everything in the Start menu. Escape is called Esc Key for short. These keys are different in each program. It is usually used to cancel a work instruction.

There are also many other types of keys on the keyboard that can be used for many other purposes.

Tab Key: - Used to quickly move the cursor from one place to another. With this key we can easily see the programs, files, folders running on our computer together. To execute this command, press alt + Tab together to view all running programs, files, folders, etc. on the computer. If you want to switch to another one you have to press TAB while pressing Alt key.

Caps Lock Key: - Normally when we want to write something on the computer, we need the Caps Lock Key to make that text small and large letters. Once the Caps Lock Key is pressed to make an English axis smaller and larger, everything that is written becomes a capital letter. If you want to make the text lower case, press Caps Lock Key to make it lower case. It is possible to enlarge the characters without pressing the Caps Lock Key. For this you have to press and hold the Shift Key and when you start writing any English letters, they will continue to be capital letters. If you do not press the Shift Key then it will be a lowercase letter again.

Ctrl, Alt, Shift key: - All these are combined with any other key on the keyboard and apply special instructions. Suppose you want to copy a folder, file, text, etc. It will be possible to copy by pressing (Ctrl + C). Again, if you want to move a folder, file, text, etc., it will be possible to move by pressing (Ctrl + X). It is also used for many other purposes.

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