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Bootstrap is the most popular responsive and mobile fast website for developing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. Bootstrap is very easy to use but in this case if you know HTML, CSS, you can use Bootstrap. So it is important to know the HTML before using Bootstrap. With Botstrap, typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels and many more can be used without any hassle of coding.

After designing the website with HTML and CSS, it is made responsive for all sizes on mobile, tablet, PC again. Bootstrap supports all modern browsers such as: - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. There are two ways to use bootstrap.


Downloads Bootstrap

To download Bootstrap, you need to search in the browser, and use Bootstrap according to their instructions. Here is a zip file which is used by unzipping after downloading. To use Bootstrap you need to download and use it. It can be used completely free. However, if you develop a web site with this file, the site takes a little longer to load. The most interesting thing is that it can be used without online.


Bootstrap add CDN

If you do not want to download the file to use Bootstrap, you must add a CDN (CDN = Content Delivery Network). MaxCDN supports Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript's CDN support. You must add JQuery to get all these benefits. Using CND in Boostrapp results in loading from cache when a user enters your site which ensures fast and fast loading.

Bootstrap tutorial

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