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CSS plays a very important role in web site development and design. There is no substitute for learning CSS to work as a professional web developer. You must learn HTML well before you can learn CSS. CSS is used to complement the basic structure of HTML. As a result, the web page created with HTML is beautifully presented.

The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. CSS enables you to organize the various elements of an HTML file beautifully. Because we can style a little bit with some (attributes) of HTML. But with CSS we can define our own web site in a beautiful way with different types of fonts, colors, margins, padding, background colors.

From the above we learn what CSS is and where it is used. Now let's discuss how CSS is used.

There are three ways to use CSS. I will learn about these three methods.

  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS

With these three methods we can help you to design your website in a beautiful way including making various changes to HTML. However, the structure of CSS is a set of rules. Each CSS is divided into two parts. The first of which is (Selector) and the other is (Declaration). /p>

The selector usually contains the elements of HTML. Such as: - Body, h1, to h6, p, span, etc. can be. There can be more than one declaration in the same selector and there is no problem with having more than one declaration. Rather it enables the web page to be beautifully arranged.

Now I know what is a declaration?

CSS Selector

The declaration is again divided into two parts, the first part (Property) and the second part (Valo) which determines the properties of the property. Such as: - Color, font size, background, animation etc.


Note : - All files have extensions as well as CSS extensions such as: - (.css)

CSS tutorial

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