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IntelliJ IDEA first Java program

Intellil IDEA first Java program

We will use the IntelliJ idea to learn the Java program. If you already have the IntelliJ idea installed on your computer then thank you. IntelliJ idea To run Java program you need to double click and open the IntelliJ idea. If you have already opened the IntelliJ idea then click on File File. Then you have to create a new project. Here you need to select Project SDK. And press the Next button.

Intellil IDEA

Check here and press the Next button. Since you are using the first condition. And ticking here will result in the complete template of the Java project.

ইন্টেলিজ প্রথম জাভা প্রোগ্রাম

There are three types of options. The first is the name of the project. You can give a name as you wish. The second is the project location. Where do you want to create this Java project on the computer as you wish? The third is the name of the package. You can assign a domain name as a package name. However, at the beginning of the domain name is less. Will be These three things must be given correctly. Finally, click on the Finish button.

প্রথম জাভা প্রোগ্রাম

Now we will open such a window. The first line contains the name of the package. There is a class in the third line. You must have a Class and the Main Method to run a Java program. Because a Java package can have many classes, one of these classes must have a main method. I just want to run (Hello Word) in this project. If you want to see the results of something in Java, you have to write this. Such as: - System.out.print(“Hello World”);

জাভা প্রোগ্রাম

 Output :-  Hello World

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