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How to delete a folder

How to delete a folder

How to delete a folder? We all use computers more or less. You need to create files and folders on your computer as you need. Many people do not know how to delete all these files and folders, especially those who are new to them. In today's tutorial, you will learn how to delete folders and files. This topic is discussed below.

There are several rules for deleting a computer file folder. For this, you must know about the basics of computers. Here are the basic things you need to know about the computer mouse, keyboard and how to turn the computer on and off. All these things need to be known. Then you can delete files, folders, applications, etc. You can delete computer files, folders using a mouse and keyboard.

Rules for deleting with the mouse

How to delete a folder

The mouse is a small input divine. To delete any type of file folder with this input device, you need to select specific files and folders. Suppose you want to delete a folder on the desktop skin of your computer. To do this, place the mouse cursor over the specified folder and press the right mouse button. Then a popup window will come up from where you can find the deleted text. Let's click on this deleted text with the left mouse button.

How to delete a folder

Then a popup windows option will come up here asking you for permission and clicking on the OK button will delete the specified folder.

In addition, if you want to delete multiple files, folders, you can delete them. If you want to delete multiple files, folders with the mouse, you have to select all those files, folder group. To make a selection, you have to place the mouse cursor pointer on the empty space of the skin and drag it on the specified files, folders, applications, etc. Then the files, folders, applications will be selected. In the same way, you have to press the right mouse button on the selected file and find the deleted text from that option. A click on the left mouse button on this deleted text will bring up a popup window and you will be asked for permission. Clicking on the OK button will delete the selected file, folder.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the file, the folder you want to delete will not be possible if the file folder is open. For this, you have to keep in mind that the folder, the folder you want to delete the file, file must not be left open.

Rules for deleting via keyboard

One of the most important computer input devices is the keyboard. You need to use the mouse to delete through the keyboard. Any type of file, folder, the application can be selected without the help of a mouse. However, if you combine the two can be selected quickly. However, we will now (D: \) delete one or more folders on the drive. To do this, you need to enter the drive and select the folder, the file that you have, which one you want to delete. If you want, you can delete one or more folders, files. If you want to delete all the file folders in this drive together, press (Ctrl + A) from the keyboard. Then all the folders, files, applications in this drive will be selected. Then press the (Enter) button on the keyboard then the desired folder, The file will be deleted. In addition, due to the presence of such a drive to select everything with the mouse under the Home menu (Select all), everything will be selected. And if you click (Delete) to delete these selected files will be deleted.

How to delete a folder

Deleting in this way does not completely delete all these files and folders. Instead, they are in the desktop skin (Recycle Bin). You can replace these files on any drive you want and delete them completely from here.

You can also delete completely when deleting. To do this, you need to press the (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) button on the keyboard to completely delete the selected folder, file, application. Deleting in this way will not come (Recycle Bin). Instead, all those file folders can no longer be returned.

Rules deleted through the command line

Folder files can be deleted using the command line. If you want to delete something through the command line, you need to know how to use the command line. This is an exception so many times that it is not possible to delete the file. It is possible to delete all those file folders through the command line. How to delete any type of file, folder, application through the command line. Find out to click here .

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