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HTML (hypertext markup language) is a markup language. Basic structure of web pages is created by using mark up tags. HTML is not a programming language but HTML is a combination of mark up language and a series of mark up tags.

We currently use the Internet and can easily collect a variety of information using it. HTML is more commonly used to create webpages on web sites. Specific symbols are used before writing HTML code. There are specific rules for each language, just as there are specific rules for writing HTML. This particular rule or type is called Syntax in HTML. So if you don't write according to the specific rules, it fails to display in the browser.

Different types of formatting, objects and links are published using HTML tags. There are two types of web pages. 1. Static webpage 2. Dynamic web page. HTML and CSS are used to set up a static web page. And to set up the page dynamically, programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP etc. are used.

You do not have to work hard to learn HTML. Rather, it can be learned by following certain rules. Specific webpage structure can be created with HTML but CSS is required to make that page beautiful.

File Name index.html

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<title> </title>
<p> Hallo World </p>

Note : - All files have extensions in the same way HTML. Extensions include: - (.html)

Supporting Browsers

Element chrome browser Chrome firefox browser Firefox opera browser Opera ie browser IE safari browser Safari
Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

HTML Tutorial

About HTML Tutorial

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