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JavaScript This is a scripting language. You must learn HTML before learning JavaScript. Java and JavaScript are completely different languages. Java is a complete object oriented programming language and JavaScript is a scripting language. JavaScript is a programming language but it only works in browsers. On the other hand, Java can be used to create completely separate applications that can be run on PC and mobile.

Currently the demand for JavaScript is increasing day by day. This language is being used more to develop backin on the web site. With the help of JavaScript, the pages of HTML can be made different kinds of effects or attractive. Currently, the demand for JavaScript is increasing day by day. This language is being used more to develop backin on the web site. JavaScript allows HTML pages to be embedded with a variety of effects.

Much of JavaScript is basically borrowed from Java but learning JavaScript does not require learning Java programming language. We can learn HTML as easily but it takes us a little longer to learn JavaScript.

We can arrange web pages beautifully with HTML and with JavaScript we can present the contents of our web site how and from which direction and what kind of animation will be done with this JavaScript.

You can do different things with JavaScript. However, it is mostly used in many well-known works such as: -

  • To create a dropdown menu
  • To give an alert message
  • To create popup windows
  • To validate the form
  • To give moving news
  • Slideshow

Etc. JavaScript programs are used for this purpose. To write JavaScript, you have to type the JavaScript code inside the <script> <script> tag inside the HTML.


Note : - Every file has an extension just like JavaScript has an extension. Such as: - (.js).

JavaScript tutorial

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