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WordPress is an open source content management system. Using it, a user is able to create any kind of web site without any hassle of coding. We know that it is possible to create a beautiful web site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, etc. to create a web site. But by using WordPress we can easily create a web site. One thing here is that even if you do not know any program, you will be able to create a professional web site.

Blog sites were originally created with WordPress, but nowadays ecommerce web sites are being created with WordPress. WordPress site has a lot of plugins that can easily control the web site.

In addition, if you create a web site with WordPress, you can manage all the content yourself. You will not need any kind of developer for content management. We know that with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PSP, etc., you can create a blog site, ecommerce, or personal web site with a developer if you want. But if you want to make any new post on that web site, you will need a developer. Also if you want to make a post you can't do it yourself.

The popularity of WordPress sites depends on the number of users. WordPress sites have become popular among millions of websites on the Internet. Because you don't need any money to create a site with WordPress. However, there are some themes and plugins that you must buy and use with money.

WordPress sites have a lot of opportunities. Which helps a user to increase their experience by using WordPress. If you want to create a professional web site with WordPress, you must have a laptop or computer and an internet connection. You can also create the site offline, but in this case you will have to face several problems. If you want to create a website in a professional way, you must have an internet connection.

When you create a site with WordPress, the site becomes fully responsive, so you do not need to be newly responsive. On the other hand if you create a site with HTML and CSS. Then you must create a responsive file for that site. And if you are not responsive, then those sites will not show properly on mobile.

If you have all heard about SEO then there is no reason to worry. SEO is a matter of how Google will look at your web site and search so that people can easily find your site. And SEO brings more traffic to your site, which increases the chances of your web site earning more. However, you don't have to rewrite any code to SEO your web site. Instead, you can do SEO very easily by installing a single plugin for WordPress sites.


Special Note :-) I will try to teach you how to create a professional web site with WordPress and how to use it to make your web site beautiful and attractive (InshaAllah)

WordPress Tutorial

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